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Shine Hospital’s is a leading global, Multi-Speciality Hospital offering best-in-class medical services in Nellore City and surrounding areas. With a paramount focus on patient care, patient safety and patient satisfaction, We are committed to offering exemplary medical services that go beyond the norm of healthcare

Our sophisticated and therapeutic care extends to all specialties and sub-specialities of medicine and surgery. Located in the heart of the Nellore City.

Shine Hospital’s is globally known for its multidisciplinary services with all its excellence, and its comprehensive, avant-grade technology, Especially in Neurology, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Dental, Ent, Physiotherapy.


Our Vision

To serve as the leading physician-owned multispecialty group in Connecticut that delivers healthcare the way our patients deserve – with the compassion and skill that provide not just better health outcomes, but a far better healthcare experience.


Our Mission

We deliver the highest quality medical care to people of all ages, and practice healthcare the way it should be – where patients and doctors form enduring relationships and our team works in a unified manner to deliver personalized medical attention across the healthcare continuum.

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